Friday, September 29, 2006

You've heard the rumour...

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You know the WestJet rumour of "even Clive Beddoe, CEO, helps out on flights"?

It's true!

Todd flew from Calgary To Victoria yesterday and Clive (hey, we're on a first name basis now) was on the plane, helping serve food, pick up garbage, the whole nine yards.

He talked with Todd for a few minutes and Todd mentioned that he owned some WestJet stock. (Actually, Todd doesn't - his wife does but nonetheless I'm not that proud to admit my purchase as it has been losing money since the day I bought it.) Clive assured Todd stock prices are going to double.

They talked about the planes, the growth of WestJet and how they're planning to, buy new planes, expand the routes and soar the open skies.

P.S. Todd ended the conversation by telling Clive that he has flown Air Canada hundreds of times and has never seen Robert Milton... but if he ever meets him he will let Robert know what a great guy Clive is.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Actress or politician?

Toria's Jr. K. is planning a picnic for Friday night. A few days ago Toria told me she had a secret - she quickly spilled the beans that her class was going to sing a song for the parents at the picnic. Then she paused and said but I couldn't tell Mrs. Hamm (her teacher) because Mrs. Hamm told her that they had to keep it a secret so it could be a surprise.

Yesterday she reminded me that she was going to sing a song but it was a secret and I couldn't tell anyone.

Well, this morning I drop her off at Jr. K. and Mrs. Hamm is signing Toria in and asks me if we are going to the picnic.

"Yes", I say.

"Oh good", says Mrs. Hamm, "because we will have a surprise for you".

Toria adds "Shh, Mrs. Hamm, it is a secret - you can't tell her."

"Your right Toria." then Mrs Hamm looks at Toria and asks "You haven't told her our secret, have you?"

Toria stares straight at her, puts her hands on her hips and with big blue accusing eyes and a poker face says "No, I have not and you can't tell her either".

omigod. I witnessed my 3-year-old LIE and not only was it astonishingly believable she also managed to put her teacher in her place, too.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Roto Rooter #3.

The sump pump was actually working! The Roto Rooter guy came out and got it to work AND he's not going to charge me. YIPPEE YAHOOO.

And we're on the queue to get the 2 broken drains fixed. He thinks that we will likely have to spend moocho donairo in the next few years to replace all the crumbling concrete perimeter drain tiles but in the immediate future he is going to fix the 2 that are clearly broken (minor donairo $$) to get the water flowing in a connector fashion-all about the house. Then he says wait thru a rainy season (i.e. the winter) to see how it goes before deciding how major of repairs we need to do.

So that is that. The queue to fix the drains is about 3 weeks so I know that you will await with eager anticipation my update to that service....

Deer deer deer

For all those parents who can never get their kids out of bed - you need to open their curtains in the morning to find 2 male deer butting antlers RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR WINDOW!

This is what happened in Tomas' room this morning. I almost fell backwards when I looked out the window and I've never seen Tomas (AKA sleepyhead) get out of bed that fast.

(Note to my parents - I would recommend this method rather than the cold water you used to spray on me). :-(

Anyway, I only had a chance to grab the video camera (sorry no pictures - which is moot - because I can't figure out how to post them anyway. My husband says that he showed me 3 years ago (yeah, like I remember) and my super blogger/picturer friend, whom I shall call 'S' - is too busy working these days but I will corner one of them eventually).

Nonetheless, there ended up being 3 male deers involved. No idea where their true love lady deer was but I'm sure she was around (probably using their fighting to distract me while she ate the leaves off my oak trees... the moocher).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Roto Rooter - part 2.

I had the manager come today. He said he'd be here between 12 and 2 and when he no showed and I phoned at 2:10 they said he was running a few minutes late. Let me know if in your time zone a 'few minutes late' is 1 hour and 20 minutes later at 3:30?

In any event, he snaked and watered, hemmed and hawed and said that he thinks our concrete pipes may have eroded because he can't clear the line and doesn't want to use his 'chewer' tool because it will annihilate (his word not mine) whatever is left of the pipes. The good news is--- a previous owner replaced over half of the perimeter drains with the plastic piping so we only have a few left - maybe just 2 he's not sure yet and has to do more research.

The joys of home ownership.


Tomas had his first golf lesson today. We arrive at the Cedar Hill Golf Course and Tomas asks "Where do we meet?". I look at the registration form and respond "The Pro Shop".

"Huh", Tomas says, "but I'm not a pro yet. I haven't had my lesson!".

Lordy - I am still laughing at that. What a great kid.

Lessons went well. Cute instructor. I am thinking of taking lessons myself except it was women's day at the golf course and they were just finishing up while we were waiting for Tomas' lessons to finish. If I am 85 years old, golfing while wearing white slacks, a peach cardigan, and a visor.... Well, actually, I changed my mind, If I am 85, golfing, wearing white slacks, a peach cardigan, and a visor put another gin and tonic in my hand and congratulate me on my longevity.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Tomas' first words

Toria has been trying to figure out how to write words. She is constantly asking "how do you spell..." "What does an 'H' look like....". Usually, Tomas (who does sound out words) ignores her.

Not yesterday.

Toria: Tomas, how do you spell pee pee?
Tomas: (sounding out letters) puuu puuu puuu P and another P, Toria!
Toria: Thank you Tomas
Tomas: Hey mom - I spelled my first word P P makes Pee pee, right?
Me: Yes, Tomas, err, way to go!

And that is how my son's first 4 speaking words were:
1. Dad
2. Guck (for Truck)
3. Bulldoder (Bulldozer)
4. Mom

And his first writing word (besides his name) is: P P

A weekend's worth of chit chat

I survived the weekend and now some silly person has decided that we should give the teacher's a day to gather their thoughts after having spent only 2 weeks with our little darlings. What about the parents????!!!

Last night Todd said to me "I wish I had tomorrow off like you and the kids". Huh? The kids not having school is the opposite of having the 'day off'. Though I do love them and do think of them when they are at school. OK, OK, you caught me, it is a quick passing thought but nonetheless....

Anyhoo, we were up all and shesh were we productive this morning. By 10:30am I had called to complain to Roto Rooter about their lack of "rootering" (more on that later), scheduled an electrician to install Tomas' ceiling light (the light switch just works a table lamp), bought Toria an amazing pair of new Stride Rite fall boots for $20, taken a steamer trunk for refinishing, driven past Todd's office and the inner harbour AND been given a referral to a pediatric specialist for Tomas' motor skills/planning.

My rooter venting: Soo, in Victoria it is against the law to have your drain spouts drain onto your lawn. All houses have perimeter drains that are underground and flow directly into the city sewer lines. Right after we moved in we had them cleaned by Roto Rooter. Last week there was a little rain and I noticed that 2 of them were not working. I ended up digging down 3 feet in one drain (it is about a 4" pipe) and it was STILL CLOGGED WITH CRAPPOLA. This morning I phone Roto Rooter and asked to speak to the manager. I was royally unhappy and ready to lay into the guy.... To make a long story short they fired the guy who did our work (I wasn't the first one to complain) and the manager himself is coming out tomorrow. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Tomas has qualified for Rock Climbing lessons through his OT at the school. How cool is that. In Edmonton I couldn't even get the school to acknowledge Tomas' fine motor difficulties and here he gets to go rock climbing for 6 weeks. I guess it helps build hand strength.

Time to shoo everyone outside - gorgeous day +22.

Friday, September 22, 2006

A day in the life...

This was my schedule yesterday:
- call husband who was away on business and remind him he needed to be home by 6:30 tonight (he assured me he could even be home by 5:30!)
- walk Tomas to school then race home to ...
- drive Toria to school
- drive downtown for Dr. appointment (with HE doctor - seemed nice enough)
- return items to Staples
- return items to Walmart
- return items to Rona
- return items to Home Depot (yeah, yeah - they'd been collecting for awhile)
- pick up Toria and race home for...
- lunch and changing into her gymnastics clothes
- drive the most-construction-filled route downtown for her gymnastics class
- write cheques for class while she is gymnastic-izing
- race to Tomas' school with his soccer clothes... [An aside: Tomas soccer is held at his school field and starts 25 minutes after school finishes so it is not enough time to go home and change. When I told him he was going to need to change at school he said "but mom, I would prefer if the other kids didn't see me change, you know, in my briefs". He is growing up! I told him he could change in the boys room and he was fine with that.
- watch Tomas' soccer outside his school and keep Toria occupied whilst there was nothing for her to do, Make note to bring snack/toy for her next week
- finish soccer and race home to a pre-made supper before having Tomas change into his Beavers uniform
- clean-up breakfast, lunch and supper disaster before driving to Beavers. It was the first night so we had to stay for a couple of minutes before racing back to the house.
-Hooray! Todd is home.
- Send Todd back to Beavers with Toria and strict instructions to pick up Tomas AND another child then safely deliver said other child to their house.
- I headed to the school for the parent meeting which started at 7:15 and after listening to the principal blather on for 1 hour and 30 minutes finished at 9:02.

I took the kids to school and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I had hoped to come home, eat bonbons, sit on the couch & watch CSI (I taped it last night) BUT Todd is working from home and, well, I don't need him thinking that is what I do with my time so I'm typing on the computer and pretending to be busy.

Oh screw it - I'm going to find out what in sam heaven is going on with Sara and Grissom (it's a CSI thing).

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

X-nay on the Gardener, eh.

Further to my Sept. 1 post on finding a good gardener. We have had to cancel our gardener. He wanted a 1-year contract of $500+GST/MONTH!

Just in case you are mathematically challenged that is $6,360 for someone to mow the lawn, blow the leaves, trim hedges/bushes/plants and fertilize.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Toria: on her dad's golfing

Toria's Jr. Kindergarten teacher pulls me aside and says "So, on our way to the washroom, the entire class heard all about how Toria's dad thinks that golf is such a silly game. He hits his balls in the water and goes 'Oh, golfing is so silly.'"

The funniest part is that Toria has never been golfing with her dad. Where do they get these things?

Time according to 3-year-olds

This morning, I awoke to the following phrase being bellowed from my darling daughters bedroom "IS IT TIME TO GET UP YET?". Todd, bless him, dashes to her room and says "No, it is not 7:00 yet" (7 being our magic hour of getting up). The sweet 3-year-old responds with a "Your wrong dad. There is a 7 on my clock". Todd was quick to point out that the 7 was at the wrong end of the clock and 6:17 is not an appropriate time for a little girl to get up.

Tomas hopped out of bed today (after 7 am) because it is his turn for show and tell day - he took his Dale Earnhardt Jr. #8 Bud Nascar in race-car-red car today.

I just did a spell check on this email and it recommended I replace Nascar with Mascara and Earnhardt with Warmhearted. Hmmm?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Grade 1 math

22 Grade 1's PLUS 2 parents EQUALS 2 very stiff drinks.

Party was a hit. It was completely chaotic but the whole class was there plus a couple of other friends. Bowling was fine. It was all I could do to supervise my 2 lanes of children and make sure that they got 3 balls each turn. I look over at Todd and his 2 lanes worth of kids and he is even keeping score!! Shesh. Showoff.

The pizza was included with the bowling party and was based on the number of kids attending the party. Apparently they were not hungry enough because I am happy to report that I have TWO deliciously yummy large Little Caesar pizza's leftover. I'm going to be eating Little Caesar's until I'm 90 and if there is one pizza that has a cardboard flavour it has to be Little Caesar's. Todd says it is better cold. Yeah, maybe with a cold beer.

I think Tomas had a good time. It was a little hard to tell what with 22 of the sweet little darlings all around. I won't mention the 2 boys who were fighting under the table and one who spilled orange pop on his head then down his pants. I have no idea how someone could possibly accomplish this nor do I really want to know. His mom didn't seem too worried.

The cake was a very cool Hot Wheels Cake and we even had vanilla ice cream. Tomas blew out all 6 candles ... no girlfriends for him.

After we got home and had a cocktail in hand we helped Tomas open his cards. He received $52 in toonies for his birthday. [It was a Toonie party - no presents instead a toonie in a birthday card.]

Sunday afternoon (what the hell were we thinking going shopping on a Sunday afternoon) we headed to the store to spend his $$$. Tomas takes after his father in that it takes him days (whilst his mother goes into a 'daze') to pick out his toys. It only took 2 hours at Toys R Us before he chose the Leapster Nascar game, Cars book, a LEGO car. To add more fun we then spent 1 hour at Wal-mart to choose 4 Hot Wheels Cars. Then it was time to head home for another drink.

The good news is that Toria has determined there is only 77 sleeps until her birthday.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

6th Birthday

Todd has graciously taken the kids to see Robert Munsch (children's author) at the McPherson Playhouse and I am enjoying about 30 seconds of R & R (shhh! don't tell my husband who is in a theatre with 600 screaming Mortimor fans that I had free time.)

Anyhoo - we're just about ready for the party. It took me about an hour to decide what to wear to Tomas' party. This is the first time that I'll meet a lot of the parents from Tomas' class and you want to look hip but not too hip. Dressy because it's a party but not too dressy because it's a kids birthday. Friendly but not too friendly because you don't want too look totally desperate for friends. Ugh, it's a fine line, you know? I decided on a pair of Manager dark denim jeans (sorry no skinnies here - these are boot cut thru & thru) with a printed light-weight knit top, 3/4 length sleeves with a fitted knit brown sweater if it is cold. It is nice outside +18 (not like Edmonton, ugh +5) but when we visited the bowling lanes last week it was about -6 inside.

Tomas opened his Robert Munsch tix this morning and was all bummed out. He said "but mom, you said we can't go see Robert Munsch because it is at the same time as my birthday party". I replied "Actually, Tomas there is an earlier show that we can go to and when it finishes then your party will start". My smart (too smart) son responds with an "Oh, so you lied to me?"

Heres a cute story:
He also opened his Dale Earnhardt Jr. #8 race car which he knew he was getting because he helped us pick it out and order it from eBay. When we ordered it we told him that we would have to pay money for it and that it would definitely arrive for his birthday. We used our credit card to pay and went about the day.

Two days later Tomas carried around his piggy bank begging me to help count his money. When we finally counted it he said "OK, now, how do we get this money into the computer to pay for my Dale Earnhardt Jr. car?" What a great kid he is.

Toria didn't really have a problem deciding what to wear to Tomas' party. She is wearing a beautiful pink dress with her black and red Minnie Mouse shoes.

I'll try and post pix later but first we must HAVE THE PARTY!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hip hip hooray. Todd and I have re-instated "Date Night". We found a fantastic sitter, Jan, who is coming every Friday night from 6 - 9. EXCEPT this Friday night because Todd and I are going to see Ron James. I *think* he is the James of the early 1990's FANTASTIC comedy duo "Lambert & James" but I remember hearing they did not amicably part ways and in Ron James ( bio he makes no mention of it. So, either he is the same guy but won't admit it or he isn't which means I have spent $80 on tickets with NO idea who I am going to see.

In keeping with our new residence's proximity to culture and not having to drive 45 minutes to the theatre (then pay $10 in parking fees) we are going to see Robert Munsch (children's author) on Saturday. This is a birthday surprise for Tomas. He really wants to go but thinks it is at the same time as his birthday party. HA HA - There is an early performance from 1:30 - 3:00 (the one he knows about is 3:30 - 5:00). Then HIS party starts at 3:45. Cross your fingers he can keep the adrenaline going through the day and no meltdowns until after the party!

3 going on 15

I took Toria to get her hair cut yesterday as it was hanging in her eyes. She responded that we couldn't go to the boy hair cutter because "boys go to the barber shop and girls go to the SALON". Hello? Where does a 3-year-old learn these things?

So much for taking Tomas and her to Dan-the-hair-cutter who is only 5 blocks away and charges normal rates. Nope, we ended up at the Hair SALON (also only 5 blocks away but charges $23.55 for a girls haircut). She actually had her hair WASHED and CONDITIONED in the sink before they trimmed it, blow dried it and styled it. She loved it. Next thing you know one of her friends will tell her she should get a pedicure whilst she gets her hair done.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

OK ok ok

Fall has arrived. Whose damn idea was that?

I had to wear jeans today. However, all was not lost as I am not yet wearing socks and am still in my beloved birkenstock sandals. (Probably not an image you really wanted, eh?). ... never mind that I am wearing my winter parka... it is still summer if you don't wear socks. Seriously.

Found a family physician today. That only took 5 weeks and 610 phone calls. I'm meeting him next week. Yep, a him. I've never been to a him before except when I was 6 and my parents took me to a him pediatrician. He had weird fish walls. This guy has an office above Starbuck's in the Cook Street Village. That's gotta be a good thing.

Now I need to find a hair stylist. That's downright impossible. If you choose wrong you are doomed as the "new mom with the bad hair".

Beavers registration tonight. Gymnastics class tomorrow. We're in the full swing of fall.

Did you ever notice that no one calls it autumn. Nope. It is called Fall. A 4-letter word signifying the onset of WINTER. OK OK. I live in Victoria now. I shouldn't be scared of winter. Sorry, I guess old habits die hard.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I'm sure I'll come to eat my words but last night was only the SECOND rain that we have had since we arrived (coincidentally enough) 40 days and 40 nights ago. There has not been a single day of rain and it rained once at night mid-August and a little rain again last night. Today is beautiful and sunny. WHO SAID IT RAINS IN VICTORIA?

Todd & Tomas are off bike riding. Toria is doing a craft and I am trying to update our household inventory. I'm almost vibrating with excitement. Can someone please tell me why my printer keeps breaking??? I am constantly having to fix some software device thingamagigiy called the Print Spooler.

Tomas (and me too) love his teacher, Mrs. Cornall, and we are inviting the entire class to his birthday party - glow in the dark bowling - next week.... more on that later. Can u drink at the bowling lanes these days?

By all accounts, Toria also likes her Jr. K. although I haven't had a chance to observe too much - Sept. 27 is my helping date.

Toria & I are off to make cookies. Yum yum.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Toria's book for tonight was "Muscles" she described each pictures to us and when she saw the picture of the traditional arm muscle flex (arm bent at 90 degree angle) of some super athlete she announced in her disdainful voice "hmm, those aren't very big. Mine are much better" and quickly flipped the page.

Tomas read his Lego Magazine. He loves his magazine. I am thinking of ordering him Owl or Chickadee or whatever one of those kid magazines are. Anyone have any suggestions?

Todd is at some shmancy fancy dinner tonight. We had tomato soup.

School started....

Ugh. I survived the first day of school.

Oh, you wanted to know how the kids did? Fine, they did fine. Me, on the other hand, I was a wreck. Tomas had to spend the ENTIRE day at school - even having his lunch there. What if he missed me? Nobody cared what happened if I missed him. [Alright I admit it - I peeked in on him at recess but he ignored me so I know he was doing fine].

Toria was the class leader today and by all accounts she did fine and ruled with an iron fist.

I now have to go and label 36 markers, 24 crayons, 24 pencil crayons, 12 pencils, & a myriad of other school supplies with Tomas' name. Then I get to sharpen all the pencils.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Food for thought.

Spent our last night of vacation having the most delicious *fresh* shrimp. You're likely thinking that Todd & I ate shrimp but that a 3 and a 5-year-old would eat something else.

Nope, not our kids. Tomas ate his shrimp with HP sauce and Toria had hers with Caesar salad dressing. [Todd & I had a chipotle marinade with a sprinkle of salt].

Thanks to his GRANDPA, Tomas eats everything with HP sauce... even toast (Thanks Grandpa!) In fact yesterday, at the grocery store Tomas found the aisle with all the assorted HP sauces and he was so excited he started jumping up and down. My not-so-normal-palate children continues with Toria who has replaced her favourite meal of carrots dipped in ketchup with berries (any kind) dipped in caesar salad dressing.

Had a great day today. Spent the early afternoon mini-golfing followed by a dip in the pool before a late dinner. Cheerio.

A Gardener wants us...

Hooray, I just got a message from a gardener that he will take us on. (Hard to find a reputable gardener accepting new clients.) Gardening is very big in Victoria and ugh we have a lot of plants. Apparently even bamboo!

My neighbours will no longer refer to us as "the new people, the ones with the unsightly yard".

I had to cancel my house cleaners to afford the gardener so we may now be "You know, the new people, who can't invite anyone in because they have a messy house".