Monday, December 22, 2008

All dressed up, places to go.

Todd & I have had opportunity to get out on the town a few times this year and one of the highlights was our meeting Sebastien Sasseville who earlier this year became the first Canadian living with Type 1 Diabetes to summit Mount Everest.

Here we are with Alan Brown (JDRF Victoria Chapter Chair), Sebastien, Me, Todd at the JDRF Promise Ball. Where we had a fabulous time but I'll leave that for a different blog....

What does this post have to do with today? Absolutely nothing.

But I spent the morning shovelling our ^%&%#@ 2-sided driveway (I know that no one really feels sorry for me but it was heavy snow and deep and we sold most of our shovels when we moved here because it's NOT SUPPOSED TO SNOW HERE). Then, feeling peaceful from shovelling the driveway in the quiet calm of a picture-perfect snow-covered winter day (and there was no one around because no one drives in the snow) that I rewarded myself with an afternoon at the lined-up-at-every-store-because-half-the-workers-can't-make-it-to-work-so-stores-are-at-half-staff-but-didn't-affect-the-shoppers frenzied Mall... trying to track down that last unexpected gift... from my inlaws to my children.

So I wanted something to make me smile - and this memory always makes me smile.
Oh yes, and the fact that my kids are very happily playing Monopoly with each other right now!



At December 23, 2008 at 7:32 AM, Blogger apostrophe s said...

I think you look like a movie star in this picture!


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