Wednesday, May 07, 2008


This is Toria at T-Ball - look at that swing!...

You must blow this up to see that look of determination on her face.... it is priceless.

Success - she made it to first base!

Now I don't have a photo of her on second base but I will share a "Toria" story with you...
In Toria's T-ball League - when the last batter hits - the players who are on each base just keep running until they get home (there are no outs) - in effect, the last batter always hits a grand slam. Anyway, Toria was a runner and on 2nd base when the last batter came to bat. Apparently, she was having a lovely chat with the Second baseman (a boy)... And she forgot to run... The runner who'd been on first rounded second followed by the last batter running the bases... the coaches were yelling 'run Toria. Run Toria.'... but Toria just chatted with the second base boy... And when she was done talking then, and only then, did she run to third and finally cross home plate.



At May 8, 2008 at 11:37 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

Great hit Toria.

Toria will always follow her priorities. Socializing is one of her priorities!


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