Monday, December 18, 2006

no school concert.

Have you ever heard of a school Christmas concert with no concert? Yep, that's what we have. I really like Tomas' school BUT for some asinine reason (oh yeah, it's too much work) they don't have a Christmas concert they have "Christmas carolling".

What is Christmas carolling?

It is when the choir (15 kids) get up sing 2 songs then start running WILD. Meanwhile one of the teachers tries to lead the 40 parents (likely the parents of the WILD children and me & my kids) in a non-rousing carolling evening.

It was horrible - now I know why only the parents of the 15 kids in the choir bother going. I wish they had a proper Christmas concert - it is so cute at this age and besides what child doesn't remember their Christmas concerts.

C'mon I know you do! And I know that your parents and grandparents loved watching you as a little gaffer.

We also had some great news - some friends from Regina who have been in Edmonton while their son had surgery at the Stollery Children's hospital since mid-October were released today and will be home tomorrow - in time for Christmas! Yahoo!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Weekend.

Just finished wrapping about a bazillion presents. I think I wrapped 1 each from me/Todd to the kids. The joy of having all relatives living afar and phoning in their gift orders means that I also get to wrap them all. Next year I'm thinking of charging for wrapping paper. (Do you hear that mom! We may need to buy wrapping paper on Boxing Day).

Although isn't that a scam. It used to be the thrill of getting to The Bay or Eaton's at 6am when they opened and racing to get paper or cards at 50% off. The adrenaline is pumping, the itty bitty ladies are elbowing, the race is on! These days the sales are on now and it is the week BEFORE Christmas.

I am side tracked. The first of our guests arrived on Friday, the MIL, we're having a nice time. We took the kids to see Happy Feet at the movie theatre today.

"How was it?" you ask.

First words out of Tomas' mouth when it was done "Well, it wasn't as good as Cars".

In my humble opinion it was OK but I certainly don't plan to see it again.

Well, 11:17pm and it's a full day tomorrow - the moon is shining, stars are sparkling, no wind, no snow in sight - I guess that mean's there is school tomorrow. Ahh, the craziness of life on Fantasy Island.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Wind Day!!!

You've heard of Snow Days when there is no school but have you ever heard of a Wind Day?

Yep, no school for Tomas.

We survived the wind storm with no problems (Thank you God) but those around us are in a tree toppled, hydro broken mess. Alas, no school. This is very strange.

Welcome to Fantasy Island where we are not equipped to deal with snow .... or wind.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Cards

In the late 80's (when I was a student) I used to send my Christmas cards out between Christmas and New Years. When else does a University student have time? I used to hope everyone got what they wanted (usually a passed class) and to closer friends I'd throw in a Happy Valentine's Day (mid-terms, no time to talk then) and a Happy Easter (Finals) as I knew that the next time I'd write would be May.

As a worker I did send out Christmas cards. Some years I even sent them out the beginning of December!

Along came 2 cute adorable infants. Yep, still managed to get the cards out ... at least close to Christmas.

Who knew that 2 school-aged children could create so much work in December? You'll be lucky to get your Christmas cards by February.

Christmas is THE THING this year. Santa is THE MAN. The excitement of Christmas crafts, Christmas baking, and Christmas parades (3) is almost too much. And I haven't even mentioned the Christmas concerts, dinners and parties everyone has been invited to. Oh ya, and with each concert, dinner, group, party and of course 2 great kids - Christmas Presents. This takes time. Things fall of the To Do List. Like Christmas cards.....

So, consider this your warning if I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day when you get your Christmas card :-)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some pics

Here are some pics from recent events...

This is last Tuesday - Toria was mad that the snow was melting...

The night view from our most fantastical hotel room. The Parliament Buildings added some red lights to their standard white!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Free night

We had an opportunity to spend Friday night in a FREE deluxe hotel suite; 2 bedrooms, a lounge area, 2 full bathrooms (with the good kind of free toiletries... even mini-toothbrushes), sweeping harbour view - it was great. In one of the entertaining rooms was a big open space with a few lounge chairs placed around the edges across from an enormous wall unit which hid 2 Murphy Beds.

We're oohing and aahing and admiring this most fantastic room when Toria stops, turns to Tomas and says "Tomas, I think we need to discuss who gets which bed". She seriously used the word "discuss". It was very cute.

Todd left the hotel early Saturday morning to return to the house where he started hauling broken branches, tree limbs, cedar needles and the like to the Landfill. (Snow wrecks havoc out here!) He did THREE heaping pickup truck loads. As for the kids and I, we were living the life of riley until they hoofed us out of the hotel at noon. In our own defense, we did help with the last load to the Landfill. Thanks super husband!

Today is a windy day - we're praying no branches come down on our roof. So far so good. I did find out that it will cost $325 to get ONE precariously dangling branch removed (mind you it is 60 feet up in a cedar tree) or $500 to take down the entire tree but leave the wood behind for us to use as firewood.

Does that make sense to you?

Ciao 4 now.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Been busy

Hi there - in case anyone actually reads this - My apologies for not updating early. We've been busy.

First we spent the weekend at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort. FREE. It was FANTASTIC. (Thanks to Todd for all his hard work last year which won us 2 completely free nights inc. breakfasts and 1 supper and all the swimming 2 kids could ask for).

Saturday night we had a picnic (thanks to McDonald's!) on Dallas Road while we waited for the Truck Parade. Unless you've seen this I can assure you that you've never seen anything like this - it is amazing. In fact, it was so good that after we watched the parade on Dallas Road we drove back to the hotel, parked the car, and walked to Government Street to watch the Truck Parade make it's way through the downtown area. I've attached some pictures but they don't do it justice. Plus you need to imagine the cacophony of air horns trumpeting all along the route.

And how could I forget Toria's party last week. We invited the entire class and held it at McDonald's. Everyone went from school to the McD's play area. A great time was had by all.

This week I've been trying to catch up although today I have been, in fact, procrastinating vacuuming. Alas, I'd better get to it.