Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jack at the Academy Awards

I was watching the Academy Awards tonight but had to dash to the kitchen to make (gasp) supper. I said to the kids (who stayed to watch the Awards) "If you see Jack Nicholson let me know. I really want to see him. You'll know who he is because he always wears sunglasses".

This must have been a cool thought because...

30 seconds later (as I'm standing facing the wall with my hands in the kitchen sink) there is a deep throat clearing behind me. I turn around and see - JACK!



Kids kids kids...

[Background: The capital of the Province of Manitoba is a city called Winnipeg (pronounced Wi-na-peg)].

Driving home from swimming lessons - totally out of the blue...

Tomas "Do you know that in the city of Winnipeg you can Win a Pig?"
Me "No, I didn't know that and by the way, it is pronounced WinniPEG".

Tomas "No, it's PIG and if we go there we can Win a Pig, Mom! Really. True story!"
Me "Tomas, I lived in Winnipeg for 2 years and I never won a pig. And seriously it is pronounced WinniPEG."

At this point we are all laughing so hard at the absurdity of our conversation we're having a hard time continuing the conversation.

Tomas "Mom, I guess you never won a Pig there because you pronounced Winnapig wrong."
Me "Tomas, for love or money, you are cracking me up - but I kid you not - it is pronounced WinniPEG. Oh and furthermore - your father was born there."

Tomas "Oh cool, I wonder if he ever won a Pig."

And so to Todd (father of my children), my in-laws and many friends who live in Winnipeg - why is it called Winnipeg and have you ever won a Peg? Err, dare I ask, a Pig?

POST UPDATE: The name Winnipeg is a transcription of a western Cree word meaning "muddy waters".

And because Toria doesn't want to be left out of the silliness - she wants me to tell everyone that she has learned to swallow air and burp loud obnoxious burps on cue. Oh joy. I'm so proud!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Our favourite rides.

Toria loved driving 65 MPH on the Test Track! [Lord, give me strength when she starts driving].

Tomas and Todd rode Mission: Space 4 times!

Tomas & Toria take Grandma and I on the Tower of Terror! T & T (& me!) rode it twice. Grandma - only once.

Not a ride but a show Extreme Stunt Show was wicked and wild! An A++

Everyone loved the Kiliminjaro Safari where the animals are RIGHT THERE! Your safari vehicle may even have to stop to let the animals cross the track in front of you.

Tomas & I were the only 2 brave ones to ride Everest!

Big Mountain Railroad, Buzz Lightyear, Dinosaur, Space Mountain, and The TeaCups, of course, were also fun!

Thanks for all the comments, I'm good for now :-)


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More vacation photos

Hi, It's been 24 hours and not a single comment on last night's blog post!!! ... of course, I haven't blogged in nearly a MONTH so I guess I'd understand if people don't check my l'il old blog very often.

I originally started this blog to keep our friends and family updated on our Island life but I occasionally throw in some of the life with diabetes chit chat because I find that communicating with others who understand the ups and downs/craziness of diabetes helps keep me (marginally) sane.

Tonight I share with you 5 more vacation photos ....

Here is a building we discovered during our shopping excursion to the *hallelujah* outlet mall!

A mother-daughter bonding moment over Margaritas at the Mexican Pavillion in EPCOT.

Tomas, hanging 10 at Cocoa Beach Pier.

Two Princesses!

Tomas and Lightning McQueen!

There you have it.

FOOTNOTE: If anyone who reads this blog for my diabetes comments has managed to make it past my awesome family photos and wants to know about carbohydrate info'n at Disney. HA HA HA HA HA. Good Luck. The folks at are die-hard Disney fans with diabetes and true to what they say, Disney is clueless on the nutritional information of their food. Light years ahead on people management and happy happy happiness but caveman on providing helpful food information.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We've been away

I don't blog that I'm going away because it's an open blog and I'd rather folks didn't know I was away but now WE'RE BACK!!

Can you guess where we were??

And we got to see this!! (From the Jetty Park beach at Cape Canaveral (directly across the inlet from the launch pad) - we BBQ'd hot dogs on the beach, played in the sand, and watched Space Shuttle Atlantis BLAST OFF!!!
We watched all the qualifying for the 50th running of the Daytona 500. Hello Jr.!
We spent hours and hours hanging out at the pool at the house we rented.
We spent time at the Siesta Key Beach (ranked #3 of beaches in the United States!)

These are the highlights. I could go on for days (and probably will).