Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bleeding Green FOR WINNERS

EDITED: Final Score:
The Great Saskatchewan Roughriders :23 (Rider Pride Coast to Coast!)
The sad Winnipeg Blue Bombers: 19 (I do feel bad for Milt, though)

Today is the day that the Great Saskatchewan Roughriders take to the field against the lowly Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 95th Grey Cup.

Technically Winnipeg is in the West but due to crazy Easterners they put Winnipeg in the East Conference for purposes of the CFL (Canadian Football League). Ha ha ha. Don't they know that there is no greater rivalry than Winnipeg and Saskatchewan?? Not just for football but for anything. Have you been to either province? (Well, Winnipeg is a city in the province of Manitoba but we won't hold that against them). Both provinces are flat expanses of dust peppered with very kind, generous, fantastic people who love their own province and despise the prairie land next to them. I speak with some experience having been born and raised in Saskatchewan but spending 2 precious years of my life in my late 20's in Winnipeg. [Besides nice people who cheer for a bad football team - Winnipeg also has the very best restaurants I have been to anywhere in the world... Rae & Jerry's anyone?]

Winnipeg vs. Saskatchewan. This is going to be the best damn Grey Cup game ever.

AND as if having 2 teams from the 'west' playing each other wasn't weird enough. Saskatchewan is actually the FAVOURED TEAM TO WIN. This is clearly a sign of global warming and the world going crazy.

And to Sunny Side Up who is cheering for Winnipeg (boo). I'll leave you and all those Rider fans with this thought:

P.S. Yes, the Rider mascot is a Gopher. But not just any gopher. He is Gainer the Gopher. So there.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not 1..

Not 2, not 3, not 4 but (including this post) that is FIVE posts today! I hope that catches everyone up. I've neglected my kids (what do you mean that watching TV for 4 hours a day is bad for them? ... just kidding - they're at school) BUT the dishes in the sink are overflowing not to mention the laundry piles that are lined up down the hall.

Actually, I'm just kidding about that too - for the first time in 3 months I'M ALL CAUGHT UP! Oh sure, I could go and re-organize the pantry or clean-out the craft cabinet but I think Not!

Note to my handsome husband: Skip next paragraph.
I might even go and start hanging around Facebook. I joined last week in an effort to see photos of myself that are going to be published in a magazine. Now, don't get too excited - I represent the middle-age mom demographic for the fitness trainer I go to. If I ever figure out how to get them from Facebook to here - I'll let you know. My fitness trainer never did (hence why I had to join to see them). I've avoided Facebook for so long because I know it is so addictive and do I really want everyone snooping about me like I snoop about them?

To any diabetes bloggers who read this ...
Tomas finally met the pediatric endocrinologist last week and we switched to a new night time insulin (Levemir) which is awesome. He was on npH at night which was producing crazy blood sugar levels and I was checking him almost every night. YIPPEE. For the past two mornings he has woken up at 6.5 and 6.7 (or 115ish).

He also finally met a person who wears a pump (a pager sized device that you wear outside your body (with tubing and a catheter into your tummy or elsewhere) that allows for much greater regulation of insulin then the 3 needles a day he now gets of insulin). He is now thinking about getting the pump. He doesn't want to wear it when he sleeps but he's thinking about it so that's a good start. We do OK with the needles but my understanding is the pump is much easier to monitor and provides much more consistent sugar levels... although his last A1C reading was 6.5%.

And last but not least - Go Riders Go.

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The Parade - Ho ho ho.

Tomas was a Superstar Beaver again this year and helped carry the Beaver canoe through the downtown streets for the Santa Claus Lights Parade this year. (As always, they allowed Toria to be an honorary Beaver and she walked behind the canoe making sure they didn't lose any canoeists!)

After the parade we had our pictures taken with Santa and Toria said Moo-ry Christmoos to Daisy the Cow.

Oh yes, and I've been instructed to state the following "Toria is only an honorary Beaver but she is a real Spark". [Sparks is the youngest group of Girl Guides/Scouts- they dress all in pink and wear t-shirts that say "I promise to share and be a friend".]

Ain't she cute!

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Seattle: we arrived, we shopped/conquered, we touristed

As you may have noticed the Canadian Dollar was trading at $1.04 US. Ha ha - that is greatly insane. (Sorry to my American friends but you had good deals in Canada for 30 years - it's my turn now). Now, since I usually shop in the US when the trading value is about .65cents - it'd be crazy for me not go to shopping... it's like free money.

Under the guise of a family holiday to Seattle (you think Todd and the kids want to go to Seattle if they think they have to shop?!) we packed up the car last weekend and off we went. Check this out for a eloquent poem to South of the Border shopping from Sunny Side Up.

Here's my kids at Nordstroms waiting for me to try on 2-thousand pairs of pants (I wonder if Tyra Banks hates shopping for pants as much as I do?). Tomas is happy because he just bought the monster truck that is sitting on the back of the giant hot pink lounger. Toria is happy because she just bought the new shirt and pants she is wearing PLUS she got jewelry! (Did I bribe them to be so happy? Damn right.) [And by the way - why put a Hot Pink Lounge Chair in ladies wear??? You don't want women sitting down - you want them shopping. You need a La-Z-Boy recliner in dirt brown for husbands and children.]

I'm happy to report that Yes, in addition to spending not so much oodles of money as I used to on stuff we also spent a day or so sightseeing. The Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center, the rides at Seattle Center, the Monorail, Pike Place Market and even Chuck E. Cheese were checked off on our 'sightseeing must do's".


Climbing Mt. Doug

Toria pulled her dad up the hill (ha ha - just kidding Todd - you led us up the steepest route and we all had a great time!).

Yep, we started way way way down there, near the farmer's field. Yippee for us!

Tomas was awesome! He ran up then he ran down and back up again... building inukshuk's (trail markers) all along the way.

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October Update

How does my cute little boy go...

from this (2006) to this (2007)???

Fortunately, my little girl is still a princess, err butterfly, through and through

In other news, I must share my creativity and ingenuity. One of Tomas' hockey socks had a hole in it and I put it in my sewing kit.... and forgot about it. Along comes Friday night hockey and Oh-OH Tomas is missing 1 hockey sock. Now, for those of you who don't know about hockey - let me tell you... it is mighty cold (not to mention strange looking) when you have nothing covering your leg but a knee pad.

Never fear Supermom is here. There was a big of clothes for Goodwill in my trunk including a stretchy maternity turtleneck. I cut off the arm of the shirt and voila! one black hockey sock!

You know October was a slow month when the hi-lite was reusing old clothes... and Halloween, of course!

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