Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Toria said:

Mom! Look at me - I look like Elton John!


Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a smile!

Tomas received hockey cards from his Uncle Vern.


Spring Break!

Hi there, Sorry for the delay but after my last post I had nothing to post about and then we were stressed out because we had to pack to go camping. We went camping had a FABULOUS time. Now we're back and stressed as we try to clean, unpack, and get ready for school... all by tomorrow. [Did I mention that my MIL is also coming this week?]. AHHH - I don't have time to blog, I have to much to do!. Just kidding. My MIL knows me well enough that I don't need to dust the cabinet-tops and light bulbs before she arrives.

Anyway, here's some pictures from our trip:

Toria referred to the vacation as the "Ice Cream Vacation":
(Earls, Montana's - she made her own: look at the worm!, Coombs Market)

We referred to it as our the Mexican Restaurant Vacation:
(Gina's Mexican - in Nanaimo, Tita's Mexican - in Courtenay ***Amazing ***)

Toria the worm-girl. She spent over an hour searching for worms and finally tracked down 2.

Tomas loved Jumpin Jiminy's (like a McDonald's Play Area on Steroids). We spent 3 hours the first time and 4 hours the second time! (What can I say, it rained a lot and the children needed exercise... and Todd & I read our books and drank hot chocolate... nice time had by all)!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hockey day in Victoria

Here is street/driveway hockey in Victoria in March. We're playing at our neighbours house. That's Tomas in the blue jacket, Toria in pink, Todd in jeans, Rob (neighbour dad) in shorts and Carter (neighbour son) in goal. [Then Tomas took a turn in net - a diving save!]

The kids are having so much fun with hockey they decided they needed to practice inside the house!
Toria is a goalie/player [Skating helmet, velcro ball catcher as a hockey glove, toy metal detector as a goalie stick, soccer shin guards with dad's socks over top as goalie pads].

Tomas is also a goalie/player [Bike helmet (he later used a balaclava and a bike helmet), velcro ball catcher as a hockey glove, wrapping paper tube as a hockey stick (see ground behind him), Todd's winter glove as a goalie blocker/glove. I was unable to get a picture of him while he tried to strap his pillow to his left leg and Toria's pillow to his right leg to make goalie pads!]

Tomas wants me to tell everyone that in the indoor hockey game the Oilers (Tomas, Toria) beat the Canucks (me) 7 to 2.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

My article!

Check this out:


I'll keep you posted when part 2 (May) and then part 3 comes out (July).

Happy Reading. C.