Monday, April 30, 2007

An update

Todd & I had more training today and we learned how to do the insulin injections (previously we'd learned how to test his blood sugar). Turns out it is really quite simple. They have these pens that you just dial out the amount and then voila! (Sometimes you have to mix 2 types of insulin and that is a little trickier but takes no longer then having to peel an apple).

Todd & I even practiced giving needles (with saline) on each other. Tomas thought it was funny that we were poking each other - turns out it really doesn't hurt.

We also met the dietitian today. She was awesome - and provided a huge relief for me. Turns out that the so-called Diabetes Diet no longer exists. We just need to count carbohydrates and he has a range of total carbs that each meal/snack should meet. We went over what he eats on a typical day and she pretty much said he could maintain the status quo.

We asked about McDonalds and could he eat there? The dietitian said "What do you eat at McDonalds, Tomas?" He replied "A plain cheeseburger and an apple with dip". The dietitian said "Oh, well, that's just a sandwich and a fruit. That's well within your range of carbs."

She went onto talk about how if he has a birthday party or some other occasion when he eats more or when he eats at a different time then we just adjust the insulin. AND she has been a diabetic since she was 14 so she speaks from first hand experience.

A funny story: Grandma and Tomas were playing 'twirly' hockey (you know the little table where you turn the posts - kinda like a mini-foosball table). Anyway, Grandma was getting whooped and said to Tomas "What wimpy team do I have?" Tomas deadpanned "The Flames".

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Some news

Last Wednesday Tomas seemed a little out of sorts and needed to use the bathroom more than usual but we didn't think much of it. On Thursday he was peeing a lot and I phoned our family doctor and said we needed to come that day. (At this point I had some suspicions.) I picked Tomas up from school, the doctor sent us for labs and phoned us at 8:00 Thursday night advising us that the pediatric doctor was expecting us at the hospital.

Tomas has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. As you can see from the pictures below he is doing fine. He was diagnosed very early and with proper treatment he will continue to be in good health. We expect to be at the hospital until Wednesday (?) although we we're given an afternoon pass Saturday and Sunday (today) which has been great! Tomas has been busy playing hockey with his friends and right now he's beating his Grandma at air hockey.

The main reason we're staying at the hospital is so that the doctors can determine the appropriate insulin dosage and so Todd and I can have training (but that doesn't take place until Monday/Tuesday).

A special thanks to S.R. and family. Thanks for listening.
And another special thanks to K.M and her son, E.M., whom I will try not to bore with my many diabetes questions.
I must also thank our neighbour, D.C. & family who had Toria over for her first ever sleepover on Thursday night and my mom who has flown out to help us.

Tomas in the hospital play room.

Tomas: a bunch of gifts, the hockey game on TV, all smiles.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Camera is back!

My globe-trotting husband took my camera on his globe-trotting trip and the two have finally arrvied back home. So, I have a picture to show you of Tomas & Toria's last skating lesson - - ta da!

They did awesome. Tomas played hockey on his last lesson and Toria was the only one in her class to catch the teacher when they played tag!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

A lesson learned.

Today (Friday) is what is called a Pro.D. day. Teachers refer to it as Professional Development. Most parents refer to it as "What! My kids have no school again!" I refer to it "TGIF and we can Sleep IN!"

I digress from my story.

Tomas and his friend, Carter, love to play hockey. Carter has played for a few years and Tomas is just learning. So, this past Tuesday they set up a plan. On Tuesdays and Fridays at 3:00pm (when they get home from school) Carter will give Tomas hockey lessons.

[And on Wednesday Tomas came home from school and said he didn't have time for his snack he had to practice his hockey!]

Alas, today is Friday but there is no school. It didn't matter. Tomas was outside in the backyard at 3:00 getting ready and Carter was knocking on our door by 3:01. The lessons lasted 1 hour until the playoffs started on the TV at 4:00.

[Tomas tried to tell me he wasn't 'just watching TV' he was learning how to be a better hockey player.]

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Trumped by a 4-year-old.

Every week Toria's Jr. kindergarten class has a "letter of the week" and each student is asked to bring something that starts with that letter. They then used plastic letters to make the word. The kids take turns picking each others items throughout the week.

Last week it was M. Some of the items included dolls of Mom or man, money, marraca. In a plastic ziploc Toria took mud (her own special mix)!

This week it is N. You'd think necklace, numbers, notebook, nightlight, nickel, nose, etc. As I was going through the options with Toria I asked her what she wanted to take.


"Toria", I responded "you can't take nothing - you need to take something that starts with the letter N."

"Nothing does start with the letter N and THAT is what I'm taking".


It'll be OK

At 7:00am I heard the sound of a little girl crying. She was trying to talk but her voice wasn't working. Through her tears and with a whisper quiet voice she was able to ask me "How can I sing with my friends if I can't talk?"

I picked her up, hugged her and told her that if she rested her voice it might come back before school started. [She is not sick - just couldn't talk].

She left to get dressed for school and at 7:05 from the other side of the house I heard the little girl singing. I went to investigate.

"It's OK, Mom. I can talk and sing now. I just had to blow my nose."

Don't you wish you could just blow your nose and everything would be OK.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Enchanted Forest

The daffodils in our backyard have been blooming for over a month and it keeps looking like there are other flowers that are going to bloom but along come...

The Deer.... Munch Munch Munch

And the Deer are very possessive. They won't let our resident ducks in on any of the action. As soon as the Deer spot the Ducks they start chasing them away...


Barn Dance

Howdy Ho! We've been to the Big Barn Dance at Tomas' school. In preparation for this foot-stomping, pig-kissing event all the children took square dancing lessons. Then they taught the moms and dads on Friday night.

All dressed up - over to the Barn Dance we go.... (by the way - Toria is wearing her Minnie Mouse dress because it has the biggest swing when she spins!)

The school raised over $400 for both the Principal and Vice Principal to kiss a pig! The entire night was lots of fun but that was the hi-light for most kids.

Toria & I had helped at the school during the square dancing lessons (you try getting 50 kindergartners to remember their left and right hands. ... actually they did better than the Grade 3's who were 'too cool' but the Grade 5's they didn't seem to care and they had lots of fun. We even square danced to YMCA!

There was sack races, balloon races, obstacle course, and even a speed throw. Tomas threw the ball at 23 km/hour and Toria topped out at 19 km/hr.

Yee haw. What a great night.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Petting Zoo

Toria picked up 'Christopher' at the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo. She says "My name is Toria. Christopher was heavy. He was also soft, actually."

We even had one of the peacocks prancing after us. Good heavens he could squak louder then the rowdy hockey fans.


Let the Games Begin....

NHL - Nani Hockey League (Tomas said he has changed his name to "Tomas Roloson").
All that practicing with Nani must have paid off because today he scored his first ever goal during the weekly Wednesday hockey game at his school!!

It is 4:11pm - we're 11 minutes into the first game of the hockey playoffs - Tomas is in his hockey gear. [it's 4:12 and Ottawa has already scored.] Oh yes and Tomas said we can now call him "Tomas Luongo".

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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Quick update. OK, i have nothing to say. We're all doing well. Loving spring. Todd's mom is visiting us. I can't believe we're this boring but it must be. Have a happy Easter.