Sunday, May 29, 2005

Home sweet home

We've been home for a little over a month now, the tan is fading, the pictures await printing and life has returned to 'normal'. The first 4 weeks after our return were chaotic but Todd is back at work now & we're back into the laundry/soccer/swimming/yardwork scenario... as if we'd never left.

The most common questions we get are (1) How was your trip?, (2) Would you do it again , and (3) What was it like when you actually got back ?


(1) Our trip was fantastic and we are so very lucky to have had such a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our children and to see so many interesting places. We had such a great time it is hard to describe the experience.

(2) Yes, we would definitely do it again. Todd & I could both full-time in our RV (if we won the lottery). In my opinion, one drawback is that it would be difficult for Tomas & Toria to build relationships with other children. We would go to children's museums, parks, etc. where they interact with other kids for an hour or two but it didn’t seem to provide the same effect as interacting on a regular basis with the same kids. On the other hand, I think that Tomas & Toria are closer as siblings.

(3) Well, Todd & I were both a little sad to have seen our trip-of-a-lifetime come to an end. Toria didn't remember the house but was happy just to go with the flow. Tomas well... As we were drove up to the house for the first time in six months Tomas yelled from the back seat "Finally we are back at that house where my blue tow truck is!"

I guess I should go and get supper ready. On our trip we would probably spend a Sunday night going to a nearby restaurant for some local cuisine. Tonight I’m serving BBQ'd ribs in the backyard... of course, I've got some kickass BBQ rib recipes from Memphis that I'm going to use. That’s the great thing about traveling – you get to experience new things and take those memories home with you.