Saturday, April 09, 2005

And you thought we'd only been to the southern U.S.

Turns out....
We've strolled through New York, snacked in Paris, flown with Aladdin, been serenaded by a Venetian gondolier, seen a Sphinx, AND pondered the Roman Empire with Caesar. Yes, welcome to Las Vegas!

When last we chatted (or I blogged) we were in Phoenix and on our way to the Grand Canyon. We had a 'GRAND' time at the Grand Canyon. If you've never been - there is no picture or movie to do it justice - it is truly spectacular. It was also a wee bit chilly. How chilly? They had snow. Too much for these wintering snowbirds. (Although, Toria and Tomas had great fun making footprints and playing in the snow).

We quickly ventured over to Las Vegas where it hit 30C (90F) the first day we arrived. The RV Park was great - rather than having concrete around the pool they've filled it in with 1 foot deep/30 feet wide sand. Add a few palm trees, an umbrella, some sand toys, Carmen, Todd, Tomas, and Toria and you're guaranteed to have a great time.

Last blog I promised to add a few pictures but surely you will understand that I have been busy ensuring I am fully relaxed and haven't had a chance. Alas, we must be back in Canada in 4 days. And we have 4 very long days of driving left followed by the moving back into the house/cleaning the trailer, etc. so I will post pictures but not likely for another 2 or 3 weeks.

Keep checking back because stranger things have happened and we will continue to keep this website semi-frequently updated with our adventures in Edmonton.

How could I forget one of the most exciting pieces of news. I saw Sir Elton John at the Coliseum of Caesar's Palace. What an amazing show! He was in his best Diva-ish form and put on a fantastic performance.

See you soon,